What if you died Today? Thought for the day…

What if you died today? Would you be happy with your life and what you have done for yourself and for god? 

No matter if we die today, next week or in 40 years time, we must be at that point where we we could die and be happy, completely satisfied with out efforts for God and our work we have offered up to him. Don’t leave it until it’s too late, the time is now to work for god. The work is hard but the labourers are few. Let’s get in that few. Today. 


2 thoughts on “What if you died Today? Thought for the day…

  1. If I died today I wouldn’t be happy. There are so many things still to do. A lot of things to be said. Fears to be overcome and the list goes on and on. The time is now to work!!
    Thanks for the thought.
    God bless


    • Yes rolain and that’s where the problem lies I wouldn’t be completely happy either if I’m honest. Our lives should be a cumulative frequency of offerings to God as we become more mature in Christ. It’s tough but also a way of life we have to get used to!
      Thanks for you honesty and input
      God bless you brother 🙂

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