Why we are all so Terribly flawed (without God)

Humans have a way of justifying themselves. A way of deciding their own versions and perceptions of happiness, peace, love, right from wrong, justice… my question is how can all of these individual takes be perfectly correct at the same time?

They can’t. And that is the problem.

If we continue to entertain the idea that there is no presiding God, no ultimate judge over us, no final influence of right and wrong, then we can continue to argue our own individual and conflicting versions of justice, our own versions of what loves is, our own version of justice and the list goes on. Do you see the problem here? Your own innate desire to distinguish right from wrong is in itself a God given trait. Who gave us the idea of right from wrong anyway? Where does that even come from? Why do we understand some things to be wrong and right as a majority? What is the origin of those thoughts? Why am I guided by my inner morality to be a good law abiding citizen? These are supposedly “inner feelings” of good right? If we say that there must without doubt be an overall origin or designer of that moral good that we are so naturally hardwired with.

We are flawed as long as we continue to deny a creator because without the ultimate and dominate influence of him that created us, a God that is higher than man and rules over man, we don’t have a presiding moral guide or a basis for explaining why we need to have positive morals or where they or we originate from to begin with. Morals are instilled and taught, they do not just appear and yet the majority understand that to kill or rape is something you should not do. Why is that? Where does that internal general prompting come from?

My issue with conflicting moral perception is that if I feel justice served for a man that kills is to kill, but then another disagrees and says no that would make you just as bad, imprison him, then who gets the final call? How do you prove that this person has more moral standing that the other person? We are all human after all.

So who decides right from wrong?

God does, and his word is his heart, his judgement, his ruling and his reign. We are all flawed rejecting our very creator as he gives us the moral guidelines and very essence of how to live life for he is life itself.


My Unseen God (For Jon)

I wrote this after hearing some awful news that someone from one of my favourite christian bands had decided he no Longer believed In God anymore. I hope this encourages and people can relate to it. Pls share with someone you feel might be going down that path of unbelief. This prayer is totally honest and I hope it touches someone love you guys and keep going for Jesus till the end ❤️❤️💜💜💞

My Unseen God (For Jon)

Lord I come to you knowing who I’ve been, who I am, and who I want to be.

I’ve doubted my faith, my humanity, my trust, my relationships, my love and my sanity.

I’ve been tempted to doubt that you even exist and to consider that Maybe this is one big awful dream.

One big chance existence of nothingness, a meaningless life of pain and suffering, hurt and heartbreak. A hopeless and lifeless cycle that gives no assurance, no peace and no rest.

Sometimes I feel my frail heart is going to give in, to break under the pressure to just quit on everything. On hope, on joy on love.

But there’s that tiny flicker of light, that can never be completely put out. That small grain of hope, of faith in you that somehow, everything Will be OK. That you’ll wipe away every tear I’ve ever cried, that you will cover me with the eternal fullness of your joy. That your life on earth still remains a fact, that you came from heaven for one thing… me.

How can I deny your goodness and influence in my life?

Sometimes I feel like giving up, but I can’t. I can’t leave you. I can’t be convinced into some useless theory of “evolution” or “chance”. Even when I feel alone, even when I feel you are not at the other end of my prayers, that doesn’t matter. My feelings are deceiving as says your word and even I’ve been a witness to how true that really is. I can’t even trust myself. So I’m so flawed and hopeless without you.

Well I’ve come to know that I love you. Or at least I’m trying to. And I want to love you more.

Why can’t I just walk away from this? Things haven’t worked out how I planned and my scars will always be visible so what’s the point? I can leave at any moment.

Truth is to see your face watch me walk away would be heartbreaking to me. I cannot die being the kind of person that just wanted to “do me” in life, surely there is more meaning to all this. What about humanity? What about the general right from wrong rule, like where did we even get that from? I cannot be my own master. I did not make myself. To who do I return?

Lord what is my service. And why do I feel so alone sometimes when you tell me you are with me? Like there is no one but me on this earth. Like no one hears me understands my hurt or takes me seriously…

But you ask me to look deeper. You speak to me through the silence and you want to know one thing.

Do you truly love me? He asks…
What will it take for you to let me go and forsake me?
Will it take silence? Will it take bereavement? Will it take struggles and anguish? Will it take distractions? Your career?

Or What will it take for you to stay?
Money? Praise and glory? Blessings? Family and friends? Maybe it’s temporary convenience you want.

The answer to both is nothing.

My pain and hurt in this life are immeasurable to the rich gaining of you. The dull deadness of my soul immediately is filled with such vibrant and radiant life and light in the shadow of his presence. His character alone is pure riches that I can never even fully comprehend or imagine. He is far above all things.

Our journey is the testing of our faith. The silence is the trying of our love.

Will we really trust God when it doesn’t feel like he is there or like we are hearing from him? Will we really give ourselves wholly to him in trust when we cannot even see where we are going and darkness begins to loom? Will we break under the pressure? Will we quit under the confusion? Will we leave when we feel we are getting nothing back and our feelings and emotions have taken control?

When all seems so silent take a deeper look. Persevere, seek out the riches of his love. Let your love for him be the driving force of your perseverance. God is fashioning that masterpiece inside you from the perseverance and love you show through your “silence” phase. God is present. God is creating the new creature before your very eyes and it’s so beautiful because it’s in his likeness.

He is working himself into you.

Or will you only follow him when it all makes sense. Will you only take his hand when you can see the way out for yourself. Is he only valid when he fits all the rational criteria in your head? When you no longer feel the hurt? When your scars are no longer visible?

To blindly trust in him is true freedom, the true understanding of his goal and riches. Seek him when he cannot be seen, heard or easily sought out.

He gave everything for you.