Saying A prayer won’t save you…

A prayer. The words you spoke when you first came to God. For that moment everything seems to slow and as you repeat the words, they fall off your lips like fire. Jesus! Jesus come into my life, I am a sinner. From then you feel filled and it all makes sense. That night was like no other and you feel changed. But how changed are you? Did the pastor tell you it would take 5 minutes to say then you will be saved for eternity? That’s not what I know. It’s a lifetime struggle of tears, pain and grabbing every bit of faith you have just to get through the day. It’s a lifetime commitment forever. It’s not just something you do on Sunday that lifts your moods for a while. That prayer won’t save you. They all lied when they said you are welcomed into eternal life forever once you utter those words. Do you run to god everyday? Every morning do you speak with Him? Are you found at his feet? Let’s get real with ourselves because when it comes down to it, that prayer won’t save us our relationship will.

-Inspired by the sermon of Paul Washer


What lies beneath


The all powerful universe. At least that’s what they call it. It created itself in the blink of an eye and formed the skies and seas in a whisper. It created life and death all at once, living people with thoughts, visions and dreams. It created good and evil, light and dark, mountains and all living and dead things. How could this be? It isn’t.

The minds of those dreamers lie beneath. The all powerful god   that formed the waters and knows every thought, feeling, desire and vision knows those minds. He sees the thoughts of your fabrication and yearns to know why you make these fantasy conclusions that seem to fit perfectly with your wayward life. It won’t change the truth. He is infinite. He is God.

The minds of those dreamers lie beneath

Being Controversial…

Some people are very direct and straightforward but to the point of being rude. Or they say things that the average person wouldn’t say in public that might cause offence, but hey. We should speak our minds right? Now I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with speaking our minds, and that we shouldn’t be honest but saying things that might cause offence to others might be a little tricky to deal with, I mean let’s think about how others might feel if we say certain things. I believe there’s a way to say what we mean in a respectful and thoughtful way no matter what it is. We shouldn’t just go blurting out things, we should keep a tight leash on out mouths as the bible says, before we fall into sin.

An amazing paradox though, Jesus was very controversial in his life, but not because he was being rude but because of the truth he spoke, and the unbelief from others then made it controversial and hard for people to take. Jesus teached in a way that no one did, and that’s what made the people shocked. He exposed them for their sin and hypocrisy but then he spoke of his loves and grace for those that would take in his truth. Sometimes even we ourselves and christians will come across as being controversial, because of the word of God and we have to stand for the truth, but as long as we keep or conduct about his word, there is no shame in this!

I’ve come across some shocking people in my life that just say things that are really not called for and there are reasons. Sometimes it’s for attention, they believe in the motto, any attention is good attention, while other times it’s more genuine, but prehaps less thought out. Even reading some of these controversial blogs just make me think, in a way to hear people like this allows ourselves to deal with things better. The word of God teaches us not to be offend and what better practice can we have than speaking to these people and learning how to peacefully converse or disagree right? It’s so amazing was reading the other day God puts certain people in our lives tp better us. Remember this. May Gods grace and love be with you. Please comment, I’m welcome to hear views!! 🙂

Why They Don’t Believe… Thought for the Day

When we evangelise, a lot of people are pretty much turned off to the idea of believing christianity and the life and death of Jesus Christ… Which I have to admit is a little disheartening. But I’ve come to realise that the reason why this is is because people don’t like confrontation or conviction. They are scared of the truth and will do anything to tell themselves that they don’t have to own up to their sin and what they have done wrong. What they don’t understand is, it’s okay to be convicted, as this is the start of redemption for your soul. Conviction leads to repentance, which leads to mercy and acceptance from God, which leads to everlasting life! To accept we are sinners and need to change opens up the doors for God to begin that change for us. I pray that God gives us the boldness and wisdom to explain this to all that will hear, so they might be saved. Keep working for God until the end. God Bless You Guys, keep reading! 🙂

Mmm… Who do you work for?

Your first answer might be at a bank or a superstore, maybe Starbucks or perhaps you blog for living (yes!) but what I really mean is who do you give all your genuine time and effort to?

We shouldn’t let our daily jobs get in the way of what we deserve to give God. I work for a training provider and I understand and know how hard it can be to let work or emotional situations get on top of us, but let’s remind ourselves that God is always there with us, so let’s not block him out or our work or our meetings with friends. Let the word of God be in our minds and hearts the whole day, helping us and reminding us of how we should love and live. When you get a few seconds or a break, read his word so you can discipline yourself to remember his ways and keep yourself sin and stress-free! Let’s work or God and earn our riches in heaven, not on earth. Let’s sow seed in giving to others and evangelising. This is the work of God and we should start now and earn our place in heaven!

So the next time someone asks you who you work for, know it’s always Jesus…

What if you died Today? Thought for the day…

What if you died today? Would you be happy with your life and what you have done for yourself and for god? 

No matter if we die today, next week or in 40 years time, we must be at that point where we we could die and be happy, completely satisfied with out efforts for God and our work we have offered up to him. Don’t leave it until it’s too late, the time is now to work for god. The work is hard but the labourers are few. Let’s get in that few. Today. 

The Worlds Actions and Your Reaction…

Canary-Wharf-West-India-Quays-London-Black-And-WhiteBeing a Christian is about imitating Christ and having that Christlike behaviour, not sometimes, not when we feel like it, but all the time. Sounds tricky? Well we like to complicate things, and God likes to simplify. His word teaches us the basics about loving others, putting them first before yourself, being kind hearted and gentle, meek and considerate. But are we really any of these things?

Take a look at how you behave if someone treats you unfairly or nastily. Do you slander them and moan against them? Do you talk about them to others to make them sound bad? Well, let’s be honest, we all have right? This is the exact opposite of Christs example of his unconditional love. We feel the need to defend ourselves against people when we should be leaving all the defending to god.

When people have a problem with us, or speak badly about us, we need to not take it personally (even if it is) and ask god to defend us instead of we ourselves. He is God and he is in control of everything so we should treat him that way. Our reaction to others should be consistent, righteous and peaceful, no matter what they have or haven’t done to us. Why? Because this then shows Christs love a maturity, something that God notices and is proud of! He will be so pleased to see we are taking his word and acting on it, not just reading it.  

So let’s trust god and make our reaction out opportunity to please our father. 

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Why do People Sell Out?

People always like a quick fix to things they can’t change, work or wait for. The bible says as we go deeper into the last days, people will become more inward, vain, reckless and evil. What have we seen? Evil symbolisms like the All Seeing Eye, the Triangle and the Baphomet are all becoming too common, an outward showing of rebellion and willingness to pull violently away from God. People want fame, money and to be wanted. At whatever cost. Even their souls. God knew that this would be more common and people’s would turn eagerly against and “natural affection” would be a rarity.

People sell out for lots of different reasons, some don’t believe that to take someone’s soul is possible, so they see it as an easy way to fame and fortune, then get trapped into a life of misery when they discover it’s all real. Others are reckless and don’t care about the consequences of what they do, they just see that they want and they will get at whatever cost. This is worrying as we begin to see more of this kind of behaviour, but God tells us to hold fast until the end and by God, we will be greatly rewarded!Some people are forced into it, which I think is such a shame. Without God, we see how we can be taken, by force even, by the devil and claimed as one of his own. But with God we are shielded, protected.

We have to see these as opportunities to gain wisdom and knowledge. To ignore these things happening around us and not to use it as a trigger to make us closer with God would be a waste, and we might have to pay the price for it. The sooner we draw closer to God when we see the signs, is the sooner we are claimed as his own and taken into a lifelong growing relationship with him. How amazing!

There is hope. Jesus died for all sins, and he has more than the power to regain souls, taken by the devil himself. This is why I don’t believe that if someone sells their soul, they are lost forever. That’s Gods love, that’s how much he loves us that he sent his only son to cover EVERYTHING we would ever do, and no sin is greater that what he accomplished on that day my father died.  If we would just confess he is Lord of our hearts and submit to his laws that bring life, then nothing can get in our way. As the world gets darker we get lighter.

It’s time to open our eyes.


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Think You’d Go To Heaven? Determining Your Eternity…


There is one thing that is inevitable. Death. We all think about the after life and where we will go when we die, but how can we be sure of where we will spend eternity?

When God returns, he needs to recognise us as his faithful children who love him and put him at the top of our list. It’s important that he recognises us through us giving our lives in dedication to him and the spiritual relationship he has with us. Ask yourself if you are living your life, dedicating it to him? The truth is, we need to be at that place where God is seen as our everything and where we fully depend and trust him in our daily lives. This is how we get to know god as our literal dad or father and that’s how we have to see him for him to know us and to know him. If we ask God to reveal more of himself and spend ore time in his word and in prayer, we will begin to see the start of a personal relationship with the almighty God.

Here is a passage from Matthew 7:22 that explains “Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles? And then I will declare to them, I never knew you, depart from me, you who practice lawlessness.” Here, the bible is speaking about the dangers of being “falsely” close to god and how important it is to know God on a personal level. You might go to church every Sunday or have a prophetic gift, but that isn’t what’s going to get you to heaven. What will get you to heaven is your belief, your relationship with him and how we live our daily lives. We are not perfect, but God knows ours hearts, and how much we desire to make an effort for him and want to change. To help us, the bible says, “ask and it shall be given to you,” this Is because God knows that without him, we are lacking and “fall short of the glory of God” so he has given us the opportunity to ask for what we need from him, if we have the willingness to do so. All we need, including our salvation, is in God and we need to constantly be making an effort for him, as he centred his whole life around teaching us and dying to save us from hell. God also knew that in our asking, we would develop a child to parent-like contact, which is what we must aspire to have.

We need to understand the real sacrifice he made for us and how much he loved us to do this. We also need to stop treating God as just being there and welcome him as a father into daily life. Once we grasp this idea, we will then begin to give back to him what he gave to us, and in the process, get ourselves to heaven as we grow, change and mature in his character. So, asking all these questions if you think you are not going in the direction of heaven, now is the time to begin this special contact with God while you still have the chance…


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Local Evangelising: Meeting with Daniel the Ex-Sniper

A few months ago, me and my mother were witnessing in our local area and came across a man who was openly against God, blaming him for what he had been through in his life. He was an ex armed sniper, someone who was trained to kill and take shot at threatening targets in Afghanistan, but was removed. Amazingly, by the wisdom of god, my mom managed to convert his whole way of thinking in just an hour of speaking about the love of Christ! I was totally amazed, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be witnessing something so life changing as someone realising their salvation and Gods incredible love for them, from having such a negative approach at first.

When we had finished talking, he was willing to allow God back into his life, (as his parents were Christians and were working as preachers overseas) and just became really optimistic and understanding about Gods intentions and love for him. A few weeks after this, we had heard that things had gone wrong for him, he had been having family problems and even worse, he was now homeless. We called and had a chat with him to see how he was and what exactly was happening…

We were really concerned for Daniel and started praying to God that he would support and look after him. He continued to stay in contact with us and let us know how he was doing, which was great and that just reassured us that he was still trying to seek God. After a month, we got a text from him saying that he had got a flat just around the corner from us and that he was okay and getting control of his life. We had arranged to meet him and he very kindly invited us to his house for a “cuppa” yesterday which was amazing. When we got in, he greeted us and shows us around his flat, offering us drinks which was also very nice. So we asked how he got the house so soon, we knew we were praying for him, but I honestly didn’t expect to see things sorted this quickly! We told him we were looking out and praying for him and he told us he knew that God had been working in the situation, which we were so pleased to hear! He told us he had also been praying that things would be okay and they were getting better. I was so interested to hear about his story in the army and what he was going through. The first time we met, he had been riddled with guilt because of the people he had taken the lives of, and that’s why he was angry at God because he thought he didn’t deserve forgiveness. He thought God was angry with him and would never forgive him for what he had done. He had also suffered with Post Traumatic Stress disorder, having nightmares about what happened and was almost relieved to hear that God wasn’t angry at him, but loved him and forgave him for his sin because he was at the stage of repentance. I could see he was shocked and surprised to hear of Gods beautiful mercy.

While we were at his house, he explained that he now knew what he needed to do and that he would do whatever it took to build on his relationship with God, which was great to hear. We were welcome to come around anytime and we agreed to give him a bible and carry on helping him through if he needed. The nightmares have stopped for about two months now, we all knew that God had done yet another amazing thing. It was so good to see God at work in someone’s life and that we had been a part of that. It was a really successful outcome! It’s a real encouragement to see this and I hope everyone gains the confidence to step out for Christ, including myself!

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