Feeling Caught In the System

Sometimes we are just fed up with the world and work or studying and we can sometimes feel like life is dragging us along. That’s exactly how I felt about three years ago. I was studying for college and my workload was going overload! I had health problems that left me feeling tired and exhausted. Everyday was just a struggle, I couldn’t concentrate, I couldn’t remember anything and I was stressed out about the whole thing. I remember thinking I hate where I am in life and I even broke down at one point to my friend. Everything was just getting on top of me and I couldn’t handle the pressure. I would ask God if he could get me out of this routine because I hated it so much. After the first year of college, I was completely not interested, but joined for second year anyway . My health problems were making me feel even worse and by the time the year started, I had given up already. But little did I know, God heard every prayer and felt every tear! He was changing things for me right under my nose and at the start of that year, he moved my life around. He got me out of studying (I was studying psychology, but didn’t want to pursue it) and got me into a job, something that I wanted to do. I wanted to be working, not studying and he understood that and heard my prayer. When I look back now,  I see he was there for me all that time, even though I didn’t realise it. He was working in ways I couldn’t see. We should always trust in what can be and not what we can see and this is a living example of that…

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Christians Being REALLY Controversial

Some christians have this militant, hostile way of preaching the word of God and evangelising which I believe is the total opposite of Gods love. Now some people will disagree with this and that’s also fine, but  I saw something the other day that really bothered me. It was a group of Christians basically preaching hate to people and holding signs saying “God hates Fags” and “You’re Going To Hell” and I was amazed (just to add too a matter or smoking or not smoking doesn’t mean you can’t be accepted by God and certainly doesn’t determine you salvation!). I thought to myself, if I didn’t know God was real for myself and I was looking in from the outside what would I think?

Just ask yourselves that for a second… Well I know what I would think, I would think that God hates me and that I have no chance of redeeming myself. Is that the message we are trying to spread here?! They were preaching a message of death, when God declares us to preach the GOOD NEWS! For sinners to point fingers at sinners and think they are somewhat better is so underwhelming. Did God tell these people that they are any better than others? Did he tell them to preach in such a way that gives him a bad and evil image? I don’t think so. The lack of love is what is the problem here…

God is a God of love and we have to let others know this. We can’t keep bible-bashing people and talking down to them like we are judging them. People will notice this and create an unhealthy stigma attached to Christianity and God. That’s not what Jesus is about. The fact that he died on the cross for us should be enough to declare how much he loves us all! I believe these Christians are very much one-sided and they only see God’s rage and anger, directed at others and they behave as if they are perfect which they are far from as  you can see with this kind of approach! They have created their own religion in a way that only accepts their  views and their ways and anyone that thinks any different is an enemy. What they don’t understand is that all that anger and hate they are directing at others will be directed back to them on the day of judgement for their lack of love and obedience to his word.

We can also tell from their hatred that they are not having a close relationship with God, because he would show them that they desperately need to change if he was truly open to them. If they showed a little love maybe they would get something back other than angry retaliations and hate mail.  Maybe people would actually want to speak to them and understand, more importantly what Jesus is about. I pray that God opens their eyes and shows them they are wrong so they too can be saved by the grace of God. For people to be drawn to us, they have to see a reflection of God (love) and that’s what makes a difference right? Please comment and follow the blog, would love to hear views and comments!

God bless you Guys!

Being Controversial…

Some people are very direct and straightforward but to the point of being rude. Or they say things that the average person wouldn’t say in public that might cause offence, but hey. We should speak our minds right? Now I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with speaking our minds, and that we shouldn’t be honest but saying things that might cause offence to others might be a little tricky to deal with, I mean let’s think about how others might feel if we say certain things. I believe there’s a way to say what we mean in a respectful and thoughtful way no matter what it is. We shouldn’t just go blurting out things, we should keep a tight leash on out mouths as the bible says, before we fall into sin.

An amazing paradox though, Jesus was very controversial in his life, but not because he was being rude but because of the truth he spoke, and the unbelief from others then made it controversial and hard for people to take. Jesus teached in a way that no one did, and that’s what made the people shocked. He exposed them for their sin and hypocrisy but then he spoke of his loves and grace for those that would take in his truth. Sometimes even we ourselves and christians will come across as being controversial, because of the word of God and we have to stand for the truth, but as long as we keep or conduct about his word, there is no shame in this!

I’ve come across some shocking people in my life that just say things that are really not called for and there are reasons. Sometimes it’s for attention, they believe in the motto, any attention is good attention, while other times it’s more genuine, but prehaps less thought out. Even reading some of these controversial blogs just make me think, in a way to hear people like this allows ourselves to deal with things better. The word of God teaches us not to be offend and what better practice can we have than speaking to these people and learning how to peacefully converse or disagree right? It’s so amazing was reading the other day God puts certain people in our lives tp better us. Remember this. May Gods grace and love be with you. Please comment, I’m welcome to hear views!! 🙂

Why They Don’t Believe… Thought for the Day

When we evangelise, a lot of people are pretty much turned off to the idea of believing christianity and the life and death of Jesus Christ… Which I have to admit is a little disheartening. But I’ve come to realise that the reason why this is is because people don’t like confrontation or conviction. They are scared of the truth and will do anything to tell themselves that they don’t have to own up to their sin and what they have done wrong. What they don’t understand is, it’s okay to be convicted, as this is the start of redemption for your soul. Conviction leads to repentance, which leads to mercy and acceptance from God, which leads to everlasting life! To accept we are sinners and need to change opens up the doors for God to begin that change for us. I pray that God gives us the boldness and wisdom to explain this to all that will hear, so they might be saved. Keep working for God until the end. God Bless You Guys, keep reading! 🙂

Mmm… Who do you work for?

Your first answer might be at a bank or a superstore, maybe Starbucks or perhaps you blog for living (yes!) but what I really mean is who do you give all your genuine time and effort to?

We shouldn’t let our daily jobs get in the way of what we deserve to give God. I work for a training provider and I understand and know how hard it can be to let work or emotional situations get on top of us, but let’s remind ourselves that God is always there with us, so let’s not block him out or our work or our meetings with friends. Let the word of God be in our minds and hearts the whole day, helping us and reminding us of how we should love and live. When you get a few seconds or a break, read his word so you can discipline yourself to remember his ways and keep yourself sin and stress-free! Let’s work or God and earn our riches in heaven, not on earth. Let’s sow seed in giving to others and evangelising. This is the work of God and we should start now and earn our place in heaven!

So the next time someone asks you who you work for, know it’s always Jesus…

5 Things God Wants To See In You…

1. Love

God is love and as his followers, we Should be showing his spirit of love to others, whether they like us or not and whether we feel like it or not. It’s a way of disciplining ourselves to be like him

2. Peace

Peace helps us not to worry, God can work in our lives if we leave everything to him and allow him to carry our burdens and problems, peace is our way of displaying self control

3. Consistency-

God needs us to be dependable and constant. We need to have a daily, consistent relationship with him so we can continue to grow and make a difference in our lives and the lives of others.

4. Generosity-

How God love a generous spirit! Being generous when we have a lot or nothing is great for God to see and he blesses those that give. We should give and have faith he alone will provide

5. Faith!

God knows we cannot trust ourselves and that is the while point of having faith and trusting in him. If we have faith, we will have the power to move mountains and I mean literally too….

Wisdom: A gift from God for Life

We don’t realise how useful wisdom can be to us. We don’t really think about it do we? That’s until God started to reveal to me how it can be used as a tool to help us and guide us in our troubles and dilemmas in life. God has given us his wisdom for the taking.

I was reading the scriptures a few months ago and came across a verse in proverbs that really “mademethink”. It spoke of how people must crave the wisdom of God and how it can save you from death. Then I really began to think about what God was trying to say to me and I got it. If you are wise, you will find life a lot clearer to you because wisdom is a likeness of God and in turn, will bring you peace because you will won’t be scrambling your brain thinking and worrying about how  you will solve your problems. God showed me then to ask for his grace and wisdom to help me grow and become more mature in him and he has opened my mind to the deeper meaning of his word and truth.

Having wisdom is really about trusting god in all and through all and adopting his mindset about everything. This is when we will begin to show wisdom. It’s about growing into maturity in Christ and conducting yourself. This is when we really begin to find Gods wisdom and we will see the benefits we can get from having faith and believing that God will provide us with his knowledge.

What if you died Today? Thought for the day…

What if you died today? Would you be happy with your life and what you have done for yourself and for god? 

No matter if we die today, next week or in 40 years time, we must be at that point where we we could die and be happy, completely satisfied with out efforts for God and our work we have offered up to him. Don’t leave it until it’s too late, the time is now to work for god. The work is hard but the labourers are few. Let’s get in that few. Today. 

The Worlds Actions and Your Reaction…

Canary-Wharf-West-India-Quays-London-Black-And-WhiteBeing a Christian is about imitating Christ and having that Christlike behaviour, not sometimes, not when we feel like it, but all the time. Sounds tricky? Well we like to complicate things, and God likes to simplify. His word teaches us the basics about loving others, putting them first before yourself, being kind hearted and gentle, meek and considerate. But are we really any of these things?

Take a look at how you behave if someone treats you unfairly or nastily. Do you slander them and moan against them? Do you talk about them to others to make them sound bad? Well, let’s be honest, we all have right? This is the exact opposite of Christs example of his unconditional love. We feel the need to defend ourselves against people when we should be leaving all the defending to god.

When people have a problem with us, or speak badly about us, we need to not take it personally (even if it is) and ask god to defend us instead of we ourselves. He is God and he is in control of everything so we should treat him that way. Our reaction to others should be consistent, righteous and peaceful, no matter what they have or haven’t done to us. Why? Because this then shows Christs love a maturity, something that God notices and is proud of! He will be so pleased to see we are taking his word and acting on it, not just reading it.  

So let’s trust god and make our reaction out opportunity to please our father. 

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