Christian, and then Christian…

There are two types of Christians in the world today. The religious Christian who goes to Church every Sunday, sings the songs, is seen as a good figure at church. When church finishes, they go back to their sinful way of living without any regard of feeling on conviction or shame. 

Then there is the Christian who fights with daily condemnation, for their sins. The Christian who is found at gods feet behind closed doors when no one is there, when no one is looking on to give praise or aknowledge them. The Christian who is filled with guilt and conviction, wanting desperately to be filled with the Spirit of the living God. The person who worships God wholeheardtly at his altar, even when things are falling apart around them. The one who stays awake when they are overwhelmingly tired, just to get a glimpse of gods word after a busy day. The Christian who knows they have a personal relationship with God. The person who is fuelled and empowered to know more, to have daily communion with Jesus. The person who’s soul is thirsty and incomplete without the love and communication of God.

What I’m trying to say here is that no matter what stage you are at, find a deeper love for God. Keep pushing to know him, he will not leave us outside but will welcome us with a joyful heart. It is his desire for the relationship to be restored fully, to the point where we fully depend on him in our lives.

Peace and love,