Saying A prayer won’t save you…

A prayer. The words you spoke when you first came to God. For that moment everything seems to slow and as you repeat the words, they fall off your lips like fire. Jesus! Jesus come into my life, I am a sinner. From then you feel filled and it all makes sense. That night was like no other and you feel changed. But how changed are you? Did the pastor tell you it would take 5 minutes to say then you will be saved for eternity? That’s not what I know. It’s a lifetime struggle of tears, pain and grabbing every bit of faith you have just to get through the day. It’s a lifetime commitment forever. It’s not just something you do on Sunday that lifts your moods for a while. That prayer won’t save you. They all lied when they said you are welcomed into eternal life forever once you utter those words. Do you run to god everyday? Every morning do you speak with Him? Are you found at his feet? Let’s get real with ourselves because when it comes down to it, that prayer won’t save us our relationship will.

-Inspired by the sermon of Paul Washer


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