What are you listening to? : The Deeper Insight to Music & Praise

Does listening to your favourite song instantly change your mood? Want to know the real purpose and effect of this beautiful paradox? This is worth a read…

Music was initially created by God as a method of praise and glorification, but do we know the full effects it has on our minds, subconscious thoughts and spirits? I don’t think we do. In order for us to understand, we have to go into the history of this powerful method. Lucifer, also known as the devil, was the archangel of music. He was so beautiful in his talent that he had pipes in his chest that created a wonderful sound, I presume it would be the most idyllic thing we ever heard. After all, God created him! However, after satan was cast out of heaven onto the earth, he began to use his talent once used for good, for evil. Why do we hear such negative messages in our modern music today? That explains it. The devil has been using music, once his glory for god, to destroy and confuse the mind of people today. Numerous suicides have been committed by listening to an influential song. Is this a coincidence? Does listening to music instantly change your mood? Of course; this is not a coincidence. Music is a powerful tool that can be used to negatively enter and access our minds or to positively praise god.

Subconscious effects

Being a musician myself, I am so thankful for my musical gifts god has given and I am fully aware of the effects music has on my subconscious mind. Being a psychology student previously also helps! The subconscious mind is always active, it never stops or sleeps. This is a paradox, its good for your mind to be awake all the time, but at the same time, this means that much attention has to be paid to what actually goes into your mind. Here’s an analogy for you. Ok, so you’re in your house and your front door is always open. It’s getting chilly, so you go upstairs. Does this mean the cold isn’t still getting in? No, not at all. In the same way, we might listen to a song with a really bad message and think Oh its fine, I’ve turned it off. It doesn’t end there, it seeps into your mind and it gets stored in the form of our thoughts and feelings. Just because you’ve gone upstairs doesn’t mean the cold isn’t still coming in. We need to shut the door and stop letting the cold of negative and unhealthy signals enter our minds. Being a musician and a christian, I listen to a lot of classical (helps me with my pianist creativity and composing) and christian praise music. What you feed your ears with is what you feed your mind and spirit with and we have to make sure we aren’t making any mental gaps for the devil to access. Classical is a big thing for me and I’ve always loved it. Its beautiful and makes me feel more at peace with myself and god. It’s also instrumental so there is no verbal influence from the world.

The influence on our new generation

Young people today are becoming more careless and reckless. It’s everywhere. Does music play a role in this? The answer is yes. Pop/mainstream music seems to be the most common genre today. But what is the main message it carries with it? It says “do what you want with whoever you want when you want,” It says, “have a good time and don’t think about the consequences!” Isn’t this what we see from day to day? Of course, and music has played a vital, yet silent role here. It is so subtle, no one expects the amount of impact it has on us! We need to be watchful, as the bible says, “watch and pray” Matthew 26:41, so that we can recognise the damaging effects that are thrown into our minds through negative music and media. We are dealing with the devils speciality, so we need to approach it with wisdom, godly wisdom. Don’t presume that just because you’ve deleted a song from your MP3 that it has no effect on you anymore because it does. So you might say, Ok, I’ve been influenced by negative music and I want to stop. To do this, we need to purify our minds by the reading of the holy word of God (“be transformed by the renewing of your mind” – Romans 12:2 ) and listening to positive, peaceful messages through christian music or wonderful instrumentals. Give your mind some detox and see how your thoughts and feelings begin to change with time.

The freedom of Praise

Praising God is a powerful thing. You might think, How does this help me? Praise lifts the spirit and opens the mind to be in close contact with God. I’m not talking about just singing a hymn with no feeling or meaning, I mean really opening yourself up to Jesus with sincerity. When you believe with all your heart what you sing, it unlocks an amazing spiritual power that uplifts you and gives you special power from the father. Even when things are not going well for you, it’s so important to continue to praise and thank God. Why? Because that’s where maturity and understanding is gained. We need to live in peace, knowing that God is always in control of what happens in our lives, as long as we permit him to be. When everything is going crazy around  us, we have to maintain a peace of mind that is stronger than any circumstance that comes to us and we can do this through praise. There are even some christians that don’t understand this concept yet, I pray you do.


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