Chasing Shadows

I’m there waiting in an invisible room with no walls. The floor is my reality, my safety net. A least for now as it keeps my feet touching something that feels safe. Safe for now. I can’t get out. I can’t see any windows or doors. I’m stuck here, trying to tell myself I don’t wonder what will happen to me when I die. Telling myself that I don’t fear death. The unknown. I tremble at the possibility of change, shudder at the invasion of something else coming for me but what?

I’m chasing shadows that are not real. They were never real. They are brief images of emptiness and nothingness that try to lead me to death. They dance around in front and behind me as I see their dark reflections on the walls. But then a light. A burning furnace of glory, majesty and awe comes seeping in and suddenly engulfs the room in a burst of light.


I now realize. I have a home, a father, a place where I am meant to be. And it’s not here. The Shadows disappear.

He has found me…


Think You’d Go To Heaven? Determining Your Eternity…


There is one thing that is inevitable. Death. We all think about the after life and where we will go when we die, but how can we be sure of where we will spend eternity?

When God returns, he needs to recognise us as his faithful children who love him and put him at the top of our list. It’s important that he recognises us through us giving our lives in dedication to him and the spiritual relationship he has with us. Ask yourself if you are living your life, dedicating it to him? The truth is, we need to be at that place where God is seen as our everything and where we fully depend and trust him in our daily lives. This is how we get to know god as our literal dad or father and that’s how we have to see him for him to know us and to know him. If we ask God to reveal more of himself and spend ore time in his word and in prayer, we will begin to see the start of a personal relationship with the almighty God.

Here is a passage from Matthew 7:22 that explains “Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles? And then I will declare to them, I never knew you, depart from me, you who practice lawlessness.” Here, the bible is speaking about the dangers of being “falsely” close to god and how important it is to know God on a personal level. You might go to church every Sunday or have a prophetic gift, but that isn’t what’s going to get you to heaven. What will get you to heaven is your belief, your relationship with him and how we live our daily lives. We are not perfect, but God knows ours hearts, and how much we desire to make an effort for him and want to change. To help us, the bible says, “ask and it shall be given to you,” this Is because God knows that without him, we are lacking and “fall short of the glory of God” so he has given us the opportunity to ask for what we need from him, if we have the willingness to do so. All we need, including our salvation, is in God and we need to constantly be making an effort for him, as he centred his whole life around teaching us and dying to save us from hell. God also knew that in our asking, we would develop a child to parent-like contact, which is what we must aspire to have.

We need to understand the real sacrifice he made for us and how much he loved us to do this. We also need to stop treating God as just being there and welcome him as a father into daily life. Once we grasp this idea, we will then begin to give back to him what he gave to us, and in the process, get ourselves to heaven as we grow, change and mature in his character. So, asking all these questions if you think you are not going in the direction of heaven, now is the time to begin this special contact with God while you still have the chance…


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Modern Life: The Truth about our Generation

Modern life is changing. The way that we live and think is effecting us more than we know or could ever anticipate. What does this mean for us in the future and the society we will be forced to live in?

The morals and standards of people living today are dropping fast, homes have become divided, people no longer want to “get involved” to stand up for what is right anymore and general morals and standards are also becoming a thing of the past. Let’s take a look at some modern life statistics…

In the 1970’s just 8% of households were headed by a lone parent, but by 2011 that figure had reached 22 per cent. This was mirrored by a fall in the number of two-parent families – either those married or cohabiting – from 92 per cent at the beginning of the 1970s to 78 per cent in 2011. There are now almost twice as many people living alone than 40 years ago (The 2011 General Lifestyle Survey Overview from the Office for National Statistics.) Now I’m not saying that people who come from single parent homes are bad or that they are less valuable than others, not at all because I know what that feels like but the point Is that God intended a mother and father to raise a child to bring stability and happiness. Males without a father figure can suffer the effects of misguidance and  anger, due the fact they haven’t seen that positive male model in their lives. On the other hand, females without a decent mother figure can be more vulnerable to feelings of low self-esteem and loss of decency, not having seen that positive image of how to be a lady from a mother. The effects can be detrimental in young and later life, yet we are seeing more of this type of lifestyle.

Approximately 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies and resort to dieting to achieve their ideal body shape. Studies show that the more reality television a young girl watches, the more likely she is to find appearance important.More than 1/3 of the people who admit to “normal dieting,” will merge into pathological dieting. Roughly 1/4 of those will suffer from a partial or full-on eating disorder. 58% of college-aged girls feel pressured to be a certain weight. (Source, This is a perfect example of modern life. People are now judging others purely based on looks. The effects of vanity are having a really bad effect on young people today, and body image is now seen to be the most important thing, overriding personality, interests and other internal factors. Well, God said this would happen, “for in the last days, men shall be lovers of themselves…” 2 Timothy 3:2. The bible speaks of how people will get more vain and selfish leading up to his return.

I watched a show the other night about live crimes and how they were dealt with. The show did an experiment, they set up a woman getting robbed by a man, both were actors. They began with shouting and the man was shouting abuse at the woman. This was done in a busy town centre, so plenty of people were walking around at this time. By the time they were shouting, people just looked, but carried on. This is maybe understandable, my thoughts were I’d probably think they were a couple and wouldn’t want to get involved either, but things began to get a little heated in the next scenario… The man then began to grab quite aggressively at her bag openly. People this time took more notice, but instead of intervening, the scene began to gather a small crowd! I couldn’t believe it, I was literally shouting at the TV! This went on for a good 5 minutes, then the actor grabbed the bag off the other actor and started to run away. At this point a man came from nowhere and dived on the “thief”. He was later told it was an experiment, and was happy that he got involved. This shocked me, that and many other examples show how people are loosing natural affection and sympathy. “Because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will grow cold.” Matthew 24:12 This is another perfect example of the scriptures revealing modern life and how people’s thought’s and feelings are changing around us.


Those are just some of the ways modern life is effecting us and what we are living around. It’s good to know what we are facing day to day. We need to stay close to God and let him lead us through the tough times ahead. Thanks for reading this post, be sure to follow the blog. Bye for now guys xoxo


The Journey Of The Apostles Begins: Acts Chapter 3


The chapter begins with Peter and John going up to the temple at the ninth hour. The number nine in biblical terms mean to achieve something, so here’s where it links in. The next verse says “and a certain lame man from his mother’s womb was carried,” so this man was carried into the temple where Peter and John were, at the ninth hour, very important. As the lame came in to ask for charity, Peter said, “silver and gold I have none; but such as I have give I thee: in the name of Jesus Christ get up and walk.” The man was healed in the ninth hour, but more importantly, his soul was saved and salvation had been achieved in the ninth hour (Jesus died on the ninth hour, the hour of completion, “it is finished”) Can you see the significance here?

Peter then in verse 12 addressed the crowd and asked them why they were so shocked, “Ye men of Israel, why ye marvel at this,” he told them that these miracles and signs they were seeing were all part of the beginning of Gods glory on earth in the following verses. Peter was so humble, he showed Jesus to be the one who deserved all the credit in verse 13, “for this it is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – the God of all our ancestors who has brought glory to his servant Jesus by doing this.” Peter was focused and totally understood where the power from these miracles were coming from and he didn’t let the praise of the locals change him. As  he continued to preach to the crowd, he confronts the issue of the death of Christ and the views of the people. He explains that he now understands that the people of Israel put Jesus to death through ignorance.

The people didn’t understand who they were putting to death and that was the problem, their lack of knowledge and faith that Jesus was who he said he was, even though the prophecy was written in their holy books, they still didn’t believe. Peter knew this and he felt no revenge or need to avenge Jesus’ death because he knew the people were spiritually immature, they didn’t understand. What they needed, was teaching, they needed to understand Gods laws and Jesus’ life, although they were a part of it. Peter seized this opportunity to teach and speak to the people in the temple here and thoroughly explain Gods plans, “now repent of your sins and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped away…” Now was the time for teaching to be done, so that the gospel of Christ could be spread throughout the world.



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The Journey Of The Apostles Begins: Acts Chapter 2

The outpouring of Gods holy spirit on the 12 disciples was one of the most defining moments in human history. Acts 2 takes us into the beginning of the handing down of Jesus’ full and unlimited power and how the apostles carried such a historical and important responsibility…

The apostles were all gathered together in an “upper room” praying earnestly and connecting with God. They knew the power, which is the holy spirit, would one be given to them, Jesus told them in chapter one, so you can imagine the suspense and patience they had felt! Jesus didn’t want them to leave Jerusalem until they had been given it, if you have read the previous post. But now they had finally received it, they were equipped to carry put the full work of God.

The Holy Spirit comes as fire
While the disciples were praying, the holy spirit came to them, verse 2 “suddenly, there was a sound from heaven like the roaring of a mighty windstorm, and it filled the house where they were sitting. 3 Then what looked like flames or tongues of fire appeared and settled on each of them. 4 And everyone present was filled with the holy spirit and began speaking in other languages, as the holy spirit gave them this ability.” So we have the first encounter with the holy spirit to the apostles. When the holy spirit came on them, it gave them the ability to speak other languages, this is so significant, because Jesus came to teach us and to get the message of the cross, to the whole world. Now the holy spirit giving the apostles the power to speak like this is also an outward showing that the gospel will be sent to all people of all languages and walks of life, so amazing.

Peter’s strength to Preach To The Crowd

After this had happened, they were heard by other devout Jews from every nation, living in Jerusalem. They were surprised that they were speaking their languages, and insisted that the apostles were drunk. Having heard this, Peter explains the prophecy that was to happen, vs 17″in the last days god says, I will pour out my spirit upon all people. ” This is where their knowledge and understanding would come into play. People were making their own excuses for what was happening, but now was the time to explains things the way they had been told by the father himself. Jesus of course told them all this, so you can imagine how amazed they were to see all the things he said coming true before their very eyes. Peter began to go in-depth about the resurrection of Jesus and uses the words of King David, “King David said this about him, I see that the Lord is always with me… for you will not leave my soul amongst the dead.” He explains these words of David to be speaking about Jesus, how he knew that he would be risen from the dead, so joy filled his heart. As Peter tried to convince and explain these truths, they brought over 3000 souls to God that day. How inspiring.

The apostles became like sub leaders for Christ, and the bible says the believers “devoted” their selves to their teaching and fellowship. They were so committed to giving every second of their lives to God, they performed miracles, healed people and gave their money from sold possessions to the poor. They worshiped at the temple every day, God was in them, and they were in God. The power that was given to them for the price of their commitment, would not only save themselves but the thousand of others they brought to Christ. Astonishing. The second chapter shows the role of day-to-day life, following Jesus in their minds and hearts, actively doing and seeking after his will in their lives. They had just began to give everything up, and they were reaping the rewards of their faith.



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The Journey Of The Apostles Begins: Acts Chapter 1

Where did you first hear about Jesus? Well the apostles were the first and most successful people to spread the message of the cross to the world, through healing, preaching and supporting people, but how did it all begin?

Luke produces the commentary of this chapter explaining the aftermaths of Jesus’ death and what followed after the resurrection of Christ. Verse 3, “During the forty days after his crucifixion, he appeared to the apostles from time to time, and he proved to them in many ways that he was actually alive”. Now this is really interesting, Jesus appeared to them but on more than one occasion after his death, explaining things to come in the future. Although they had so much to understand, Jesus tried to fill them in on what would happen next and what would be required of them through Jesus’ power.

Jesus’ first instructions for the Apostles

When in one of these meetings with his followers, Jesus told them not to leave Jerusalem until they received “the gift” (verse 4: do not leave Jerusalem until the father sends you the gift promised, as I told you before). This is referring to the Gift of the holy spirit that would help them to do the work set for them. The holy spirit was the tool that they would need, the strength that would empower and uplift their souls in times of struggle and adversaries, because there were a lot of those times and they had to be spiritually prepared for the journey. Jesus in his final meeting with them told them how they would be a witness for him and take the gospel “to the ends of the earth- vs 8” which they have achieved! After he spoke, he was taken up into heaven and they were all amazed, then “two white robed men” explained Jesus would return to the earth in the same way he ascended in his glory. What does this mean? This is referring to the second coming, when God will return to judge the earth once and for all.

The replacement of the Apostle, Judas Iscariot

After what had happened with Judas, when he betrayed Jesus and handed him over to the soldiers, and eventually his death, the apostles went in search for another willing brother to follow them and take Judas’ place. They went to Jerusalem and entered an upper room to pray with each other and Peter gave a speech, “the scriptures had to be fulfilled concerned Judas, who guided those to arrest Jesus.” Now this shows Peters maturity, he now gets it, he understands that Jesus came here to earth to die and pay for our sins. He came to teach and impart his knowledge into us, so we would have the strength to carry out his will in our lives. Peter suggested to choose someone that was there from when Jesus was baptised by John, till when he died. But why? Having seen the whole journey, and all the events that took place, it would only be right to choose someone who had the understanding and who was an actual witness to everything that had happened. So the people prayed for who it should be out of three choices and a man named Matthias was chosen. Now the apostles were now back to twelve, the journey of giving the message of the cross would finally begin…


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Happy Easter: Jewish Passover & The Last Blood Moons

Jewish celebrations are times of fun and enjoyment for Gods historical people. But is there more to the modern celebrations? Is there meaning in the dates and times of this Jewish ceremony?

The Jewish Passover is a very important event for the Jews. It’s a time to celebrate Gods faithfulness to Israel, as we remember the time he brought them out of the land of their slavery known as Egypt. They celebrate with symbolic foods like bitter herbs and wine to represent pain and suffering ect. It’s also Easter for us, the time when we remember the day Jesus died and the time he rose again. But there is something astonishing about these events this year and through the coming next year and how they tie into natural world events involving the “blood moons.” The Blood Moons are carefully orchestrated around the dates of the Jewish celebrations like Passover and Sukkot over the next year and this year. But how can it be? It’s just nature. Well that’s the point. The Jewish calendar has not been altered or changed at all, this is where the conscience gets a little too strange…
What are the “Blood Moons”?

The Blood Moons are literal red coloured moons that can be seen in the sky. So how does thus link you may ask? A lot of research has been carried out by the space association NASA involving these blood moons. The have been observed and watched these past months, there were two scheduled for this year, 2014. In biblical terms, these blood moons are signs from God and have been mentioned and predicted in Joel 2:31 “the sun shall be turned to darkness and the moon into blood before that great and terrible day of the Lord.” So from this we gather that blood moons are a representation of the last days, a warning that God is soon to return. Now this clearly states what is happening here, but the coming link is just fascinating…
The Jewish Passover for this year began on 14th April at sunset, this is when the first blood moon was seen! You may think that’s just an amazing coincidence? I think not! The next blood moon is set to be seen later this year, with another two in 2015. Now interestingly, the blood moon set for this year will fall on the 8th of October, in the exact time of the second Jewish celebration called Sukkot, also know as the Feast of Tabernacles. Now that’s two totally random blood moons falling on Passover (already been seen) and Sukkot. This is NOT a coincidence.

Further Blood Moons In 2015

There are two more blood moons set to be seen in 2015. Astonishingly, these just so happen to fall on the Jewish ceremonies again! One will again fall on Passover 2015 and Sukkot 2015! This is really something. After these, there will be no more for 100 years. So we have four blood moons, (one already gone) all fitting the exact times of Jewish ceremonies and celebrations. In 2015, we will see the blood moons set over the world, at these special times in Jewish culture, which is an amazing event!

So what does this mean?

Blood moons always signify a world event to happen with Israel or illustrate a big change in the world systems. For example, in 1492, a blood moon was seen and later the Jews were expelled from Spain and there are more to name. God uses these signs in the sky to warn his people an event will take place, to remind them that he is always with them. So from these amazing signs, we can expect some major activity to happen in Israel or around the world within the next year. The final Blood Moon set to take place in 2015 on Sukkot, is a really special one. The Moon is going to be at the closest point of proximity to the earth, something that is amazingly unusual. Could this be another big sign from God? I think so. All these signs are alerting and directing us to the day of his coming and the rapture of his people, that’s why this is so important for people to take in and be knowledgeable about. Keep reading the Blogs Guys…



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The voice in the Alley: Crying out for change

He stood and stared into the darkness with bloodshot, sunken eyes. His body stagnant with the tiredness of life. The sudden welling of water in his eyes made him seem scared and alone as a tear fell down his wrinkled cheek. “I love you”, a voice like rushing water surrounded him like a flood. The alley seemed mysterious as it made dark shapes. This voice was suddenly recognised. He knew this was God.


There he was in the street, shouting and swaying as he staggered out the bar. All his friends seemed to go away as the night dragged on. He was left alone. In the dead of night city lights, he wondered out toward his home. A blurred image approached him and then went away like a passing car. “Come back!” he slurred, lights seemed to fade away and merge together into one darkness. Then black. He woke the next morning with the sound of rushing cars outside his flat window and the familiar smell of city life. His head thumping in his skull. The light hurt his eyes, the feeling of loneliness and confusion lingered and held its place in the room. His clothes, drained in alcohol from the night before. He waited. He lay there for a while, thinking if he had a place in the world, why he had such an empty feeling everyday he woke, why he hated himself so much, he tried desperately to drink himself to death.  These thoughts seemed to rush around in his mind like a furious hurricane, it later calmed, interupted by the beeping of cars outside.

He dragged himself out his chair and stared vaguely at the four walls that surrounded him. “Jason!” Someone called him and banged on the door. He rubbed his head with his battered hand. “John!” Then more banging. “What?!” He finally answered and made a slow move to the door. Latch by latch he unlocked it and a familiar face was seen through the portrait gap. When John realised who it was, his heart sunk in his chest and his palms became sweaty. The mans face was narrow and stern as he frowned impatiently. He wore a black cloak-like coat and a brown winter scarf. The man pushed his way in and commanded his attention with his actions. “What did I tell you?” He got straight to the point, didn’t waste any time. Looking swiftly at his watch, he brushed his hair with his long hands. “I don’t have time for this, I told you, you had five days. You blew it. You don’t care, so neither do I. Your out today.” Life stopped around John and his heart with it, he tried to sync the sound with his lips, but time seemed to stay still in that moment. “But you said I had more time,” his voice crumbled into a timid shudder. Silence. The man looked at John as if it were code. His eyes went right through him and stared viciously into the wall behind. He was nothing. At least that’s how he felt. The man got up out the bruised chair and made his way quickly out the room. John watch him hopelessly through the window as he disappeared into the bustling city street. John took a few moments. He rubbed his tired eyes and tried to come to terms with the truth as he cradled his weak head in his hands.

immediately, John packed his tattered bag with what he had left and rushed out the door. As he made his way down the flights of stairs, he noticed eyes watching him through one of the corridor windows. Feeling embarrassed, he continued out into the street. Where was he going? He didn’t know, he just walked and walked for hours, the city changed around him as it became dark and rowdy. The lights called him into the tempting nightlife, but now that didn’t seem to matter to him anymore. He wasn’t lured into the drunkenness that helped him waste his life away. Instead, he made his way through the lights into a familiar park he had once been in. The way seemed clear, although the surroundings were deceiving and dark. He entered, there was a small shelter which he spotted. It seemed bleak, but safe.

Carefully preparing his sleeping bag, he now felt the cold tugging his hands and feet like a child. The stars seemed mysterious and the night uncaring. Hunger began to cry out like a deafening silence that couldn’t be ignored, but it had to be. Then, he noticed a piece of broken glass not far from where he lay. “Go on,” he heard a strange, yet quiet whisper, like a hissing snake, telling him to end it all. “It will be easy.” The darkness played games with his mind as it came and went like the tide. It seemed like an easy way out. Not questioning the origin of the voice, he grabbed the slate of glass and began to cut.

A large drop of blood fell on the cold concrete. Then another. Pain rushed to his wrist a little after.

He stopped. “I can’t,” he whispered. “I can’t” the whisper turned into a distressed cry, it echoed around and the birds fled from the surrounding trees into the night. John began to weep and his soul released his sadness, he wailed himself to sleep.

Then tugging, “Hey.”

He felt someone pulling him from his rest. A man, like him, alone and anxious looking. The stench of alcohol reached his nose. “Hey, this is my spot, you’re in my spot.” The man insisted. It was still dark, John felt worn out and overwhelmed. “What did you do to yourself?” the guy slurred as he observed the redness around his wrist and the stained blood on the cold concrete. “It’s nothing,” John began to gather himself together, not wanting to resist. He covered his wrist and started out again as he walked from the park with the mans silhouette slowly disappearing in the darkness. The man stood and stared back as far as he could see into the distance. John walked past the park rails and back into the city streets. He paused for a while, the sound of cars and clubs ringing in his ears. He then came across an alley…

Turning in, he felt he wanted to be alone. He stood and stared into the darkness with bloodshot, sunken eyes. His body stagnant with the tiredness of life. The sudden welling of water in his eyes made him seem scared and alone as a tear fell down his wrinkled cheek. “I love you”, a voice like rushing water surrounded him like a flood. The alley seemed mysterious as it made dark shapes. This voice was suddenly recognised. He knew this was God. God compiled his life into a snapshot in a split second before his eyes. His life had suddenly changed forever.

This is just a short story of how Life-changing God is. There are loads of real-life stories like this one, where God has broken drink problems, drug problems, emotional issues ect in people’s lives. This short story is about someone giving up and being at their last resort in life. God knows us fully and he wants the best for us. If we let him into our lives and commit ourselves to him, he will take us into his hands, forever. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the story. Keep your eyes peeled for the next post!

Is God Real? What the Scientists didn’t tell you…

Do you question if there is a God? Do you think science is the answer? Are you fixed on atheist and scientific explanations or just curious about our existence?

In the beginning, you might say, there was science. Logical right? Because space revolves around science. But what if I asked you to take your mind back to how space came about? Would you be able to explain it through the laws of science? Was there a “big bang” before the “big bang?” Let’s say there was, then how did the first big bang begin? The point I’m trying to make is, for science to be an explanation for existence, there has to be a start to it, I’m sure the laws of science didn’t create itself.

God, the creator of Science

People tend to think that christians don’t believe in Science, but it’s not true, the fact is God created science and it’s just a small part of his intellectual influence. In order to explain our existence, we have to stop relying on hypothesis’ that don’t include a higher influence. Just think about us for example, I can’t look at a grown man and say he created himself, there is no such thing as a mother or father, that would be bizarre, anyone would tell you, your crazy, the man cannot make himself out of thin air. So why is our existence any different? The truth is, it isn’t. We are so baffled at how we came to be here, scientists have spent years and years just trying to find the answer and it’s staring everyone in the face. There are things that are unexplainable like our anatomy, our design and structure, for example the human eye is not replicable. It’s that complex and infinitely put together, each microscopic part fitting effortlessly together like clockwork, it seems impossible to presume it came out of a big bang? The position of our planet is actually a perfect distance from the sun, if it was any closer to the sun we would burn to death, and further away and we would freeze to death. Doesn’t this suggest another influence much more greater and powerful than us to place everything so perfectly? This is too much of a coincidence, that the word was created by a nameless explosion and then something else happened, then boom, we just turned up here. I’m quite a logical person and it just doesnt add up. The bible says, “Seek and you will find” Matthew 7:7, this explains mans curiosity to find God. If you really are looking for the answer, you will find it in Jesus Christ. Ask him if he exists if you have doubts he will answer, you will find salvation. You have nothing to lose.

What does the Bible Say?

People tend to think the Bible is just a collection of made up stories told to children at Sunday school right? Well that’s where you couldn’t be more wrong. (Also known as Gods word) the bible is a completely factual and historical book, recording real events that happened thousands of years ago and not to mention things that are happening now and things to come in the future. The bible is so relevant to todays world it’s scary, another thing people seem to misunderstand. You might say, the bible is just an old book written by some guy that thought God was real. Well that’s also wrong, the bible was written by holy men of God, that had an unbreakable and deep relationship with him, but it had the full and undivided influence of God. God used his people to write the Bible, however, that doesn’t take away from the fact that it is his words, written in spirit and truth.

How the bible relates to todays world

Do you notice the way society lives today? Do you recognise earthquakes and weather changes, more frequent wars and rumours of them and the love of self/vanity and money being rammed into people’s mind through the media? Well we do too. The bible says in 2 Timothy 3:2 “For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revelers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful…”We live in a world where we have to look good, we have to have money, as many parties as possible ect. We see this in the new generation all the time. Times are getting more reckless, and God knew this would happen so he warned us in the bible through the above verse (and others). Matthew 24:7 says “For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.” There have been more issues with the worldwide weather and it’s getting worse, not to mention the constant headlines about wars that are happening and rumours of them. So what does this mean? All these things are signs that God is desperately trying to warn us about. These sign indicate the “last days” or times of the world. God is coming back to earth, but not before these things shall pass (also in the bible). We need to take notice of these warnings and listen to Gods voice. Now is the time to cling closer to him, before the day of judgment comes, because it is coming, and it is inevitable. In Many of these last time world events, Israel, Jesus’ earthly home will be the centre of the action, so keep a lookout for events/wars happening here! (Already taking place!)

Over to you…

You might think, I’m already a good person, I would go to heaven anyway or even if God is real, what’s it to me? First, we need to understand the importance of sin and how we can recognise it, however big or small in our daily lives because all sin is unacceptable to God. Here’s a few questions that will help you to think about this deeper, answer these in your mind. Have you ever told a lie? What do you call someone who lies?Have you ever stole something in your life? What do you call someone who steals? Have you ever looked at a girl or guy in a sexual way? This is called being lustful. Have you ever called the God’s name in vain? This is called blasphemy. Now all of these are sins that God cannot accept into heaven. So by your own judgement here, if you have answered any of these as yes, you have sinned against God. We are ALL sinners and we ALL make mistakes even as christians, but the difference is we accept Jesus Christ as our lord and embrace the fact that he died for our sins, so we didn’t have to go to hell and suffer for eternity. Jesus loves us and cares about where we will spend our eternity, wether it be heaven or hell and he wants us to make it to heaven. You have the proof that he’s real, if your still not convinced, just ask him to reveal himself to you, go on! You have nothing to lose and I guarantee you will not be disappointed! God is real and he is coming back to judge the world so I want you to be ready for this. If you are not sure about how to start, comment on this page and ask for help, I will be more than happy to help you through this, you are not alone. It’s now up to you to decide where you will spend eternity.