Christians Being REALLY Controversial

Some christians have this militant, hostile way of preaching the word of God and evangelising which I believe is the total opposite of Gods love. Now some people will disagree with this and that’s also fine, but  I saw something the other day that really bothered me. It was a group of Christians basically preaching hate to people and holding signs saying “God hates Fags” and “You’re Going To Hell” and I was amazed (just to add too a matter or smoking or not smoking doesn’t mean you can’t be accepted by God and certainly doesn’t determine you salvation!). I thought to myself, if I didn’t know God was real for myself and I was looking in from the outside what would I think?

Just ask yourselves that for a second… Well I know what I would think, I would think that God hates me and that I have no chance of redeeming myself. Is that the message we are trying to spread here?! They were preaching a message of death, when God declares us to preach the GOOD NEWS! For sinners to point fingers at sinners and think they are somewhat better is so underwhelming. Did God tell these people that they are any better than others? Did he tell them to preach in such a way that gives him a bad and evil image? I don’t think so. The lack of love is what is the problem here…

God is a God of love and we have to let others know this. We can’t keep bible-bashing people and talking down to them like we are judging them. People will notice this and create an unhealthy stigma attached to Christianity and God. That’s not what Jesus is about. The fact that he died on the cross for us should be enough to declare how much he loves us all! I believe these Christians are very much one-sided and they only see God’s rage and anger, directed at others and they behave as if they are perfect which they are far from as  you can see with this kind of approach! They have created their own religion in a way that only accepts their  views and their ways and anyone that thinks any different is an enemy. What they don’t understand is that all that anger and hate they are directing at others will be directed back to them on the day of judgement for their lack of love and obedience to his word.

We can also tell from their hatred that they are not having a close relationship with God, because he would show them that they desperately need to change if he was truly open to them. If they showed a little love maybe they would get something back other than angry retaliations and hate mail.  Maybe people would actually want to speak to them and understand, more importantly what Jesus is about. I pray that God opens their eyes and shows them they are wrong so they too can be saved by the grace of God. For people to be drawn to us, they have to see a reflection of God (love) and that’s what makes a difference right? Please comment and follow the blog, would love to hear views and comments!

God bless you Guys!

10 thoughts on “Christians Being REALLY Controversial

  1. The Bible makes no distinctions about which sins are the worst, they are equal. But Jesus paid the price for all sins, past, present, and future, of all people that ever existed, do exist now, and will exist in the future. But it’s not about sin and hatred, it’s about love. These Christians lack the ability to love the people that God loves. I think the book of 1st John applies here most of all.

    • Yes! You are so right. All sin is the same & It’s as simple as that, love is what we all need more of, so we can show Gods love in a way that changes others as well as ourselves. These Christians base everything around the hate they have in their own hearts, they just need Gods love to make them realize their wrongs, thanks for the comment 🙂

  2. It’s really sad to hear how Christians are portraying Christianity. We are called to preach the Good News but there is nothing good in hate! As Christians we don’t really understand who God is and because we don’t we create what we want God to be….we say things like, “because we hate gays God must surely hate them”
    God help us as we try to represent who He really is.


    • Hey Rolain,
      yes it is sad and if we as Christians continue to fall into the trap of being narrow minded and hateful, then we too will have no inheritance of the kingdom of God! You are so right I agree with you. It’s not the people he hates it’s the sin within them. Thanks for the comment, stay blessed


  3. I couldn’t agree with you more! For people who are already broken, hurting, and feeling lost, they need love and kinds words from people who truly care and that’s what we’re supposed to be able to bring to their lives as Christians. You can know the Bible in and out, but more often than not people will not let you share with them if they don’t feel welcomed, loved, and that your heart is sincere. (1 Corinthians 13:1-3 NIV- If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.) Without love, we are nothing and have gained nothing. Our purpose is to capture hearts for GOD’S glory and we can’t do that if we don’t allow HIS love to be displayed through us. “Christians” like the ones from the picture that you shared truly break my heart because it makes it so much harder for those of us who truly care to get people to allow us in if they’ve already had an encounter with someone like that.

    • Yes! Thanks for the comment. It’s so true what you have said here and that scripture explains the point perfectly! I totally agree with your comment, let’s just hope they will find the love of christ and rediscover him for the loving god and father he is. Thank you so much for the input & god bless you!

      • Our hope gives life and power to our prayers, so I’m definitely in agreement with you about hoping that their hearts will change and that they’ll embrace the love of CHRIST. … As far as my input goes, you’re welcome! Your post truly awakened my heart and inspired me to comment, so thank you for sharing! I love your heart for GOD! Infinite blessings to you! 🙂

      • Ahhhh thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoyed it and found it interesting! Awww that’s so nice, just trying my best to give back to others what God has given so freely to me and same to you, speak soon 😀

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