Mmm… Who do you work for?

Your first answer might be at a bank or a superstore, maybe Starbucks or perhaps you blog for living (yes!) but what I really mean is who do you give all your genuine time and effort to?

We shouldn’t let our daily jobs get in the way of what we deserve to give God. I work for a training provider and I understand and know how hard it can be to let work or emotional situations get on top of us, but let’s remind ourselves that God is always there with us, so let’s not block him out or our work or our meetings with friends. Let the word of God be in our minds and hearts the whole day, helping us and reminding us of how we should love and live. When you get a few seconds or a break, read his word so you can discipline yourself to remember his ways and keep yourself sin and stress-free! Let’s work or God and earn our riches in heaven, not on earth. Let’s sow seed in giving to others and evangelising. This is the work of God and we should start now and earn our place in heaven!

So the next time someone asks you who you work for, know it’s always Jesus…


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