Why do People Sell Out?

People always like a quick fix to things they can’t change, work or wait for. The bible says as we go deeper into the last days, people will become more inward, vain, reckless and evil. What have we seen? Evil symbolisms like the All Seeing Eye, the Triangle and the Baphomet are all becoming too common, an outward showing of rebellion and willingness to pull violently away from God. People want fame, money and to be wanted. At whatever cost. Even their souls. God knew that this would be more common and people’s would turn eagerly against and “natural affection” would be a rarity.

People sell out for lots of different reasons, some don’t believe that to take someone’s soul is possible, so they see it as an easy way to fame and fortune, then get trapped into a life of misery when they discover it’s all real. Others are reckless and don’t care about the consequences of what they do, they just see that they want and they will get at whatever cost. This is worrying as we begin to see more of this kind of behaviour, but God tells us to hold fast until the end and by God, we will be greatly rewarded!Some people are forced into it, which I think is such a shame. Without God, we see how we can be taken, by force even, by the devil and claimed as one of his own. But with God we are shielded, protected.

We have to see these as opportunities to gain wisdom and knowledge. To ignore these things happening around us and not to use it as a trigger to make us closer with God would be a waste, and we might have to pay the price for it. The sooner we draw closer to God when we see the signs, is the sooner we are claimed as his own and taken into a lifelong growing relationship with him. How amazing!

There is hope. Jesus died for all sins, and he has more than the power to regain souls, taken by the devil himself. This is why I don’t believe that if someone sells their soul, they are lost forever. That’s Gods love, that’s how much he loves us that he sent his only son to cover EVERYTHING we would ever do, and no sin is greater that what he accomplished on that day my father died.  If we would just confess he is Lord of our hearts and submit to his laws that bring life, then nothing can get in our way. As the world gets darker we get lighter.

It’s time to open our eyes.


Thanks for reading this post. Be sure to follow the blog or ask me any questions. Thanks again and God bless you!


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