The Art Of Forgiveness…

Forgiveness is one of the most important things we need to learn. Christ was a massive example of how forgiveness works and how we should actively forgive others in life to discipline and heal ourselves. So why is it so important to forgive people?

Jesus came to earth to save his people that he created from life in an eternal hell, but for him to get to this stage to decide to do this, his heart had to be completely pure and willing to forgive us for everything, we have done, even the future sins we were to commit. The example he set was paramount to his plan and forgiveness played a massive role. If he had never forgiven us and been bitter with us about committing our endless sins, we would never even have the chance to spend eternity with him at all. The fact that he was without sin and he forgave us still, just shows how much more forgiving we need to be with each other because after all, we are the ones with sin. To forgive is to obey the law of the living God, to not forgive, is a sign of rebellion and bitterness. It doesn’t matter how others treat us, it’s how we react to it, and that’s what will stand with us on judgement day, how we responded to being wronged. The answer is honest, genuine forgiveness, and God will reward us greatly for adopting his character!

Being unforgiving can really damage you and eventually cause a deep evil and malice for the person you haven’t forgiven. But while we do this, we are only damaging and hurting ourselves by holding a grudge and allowing our spirits to become cold against others. If we don’t forgive, we don’t love, we show a kind of fake, amateur love that means nothing to God but only fools ourselves. I’m not saying that we wont be hurt by the things that people do to us because everyone has been hurt and felt awful emotional pain, and that’s okay to admit we were hurt, but what’s important is that we come to God with that pain and ask him to heal our hearts by allowing to forgive others. So you may say, this person Is getting away with what they have done to me, I need to defend myself. That is where you are wrong. God is the one who will always defend you, so you don’t need to intervene, they will get their judgement from God if they don’t see what they have done wrong and apologise. Gods intention is that we learn this life saving ability to forgive by looking at and analysing the examples of love in the bible because that’s what forgiveness is. It’s love.


So the next time, you are in a position to forgive, do it with joy, eager to please God and show him your growing wisdom and love. Thank for reading this post, be sure to follow the blog and thanks to everyone already following, God Bless you guys and keep reading! xoxo

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