Asylum Seekers held in “Discrageful” conditions at Heathrow Airport

Since joining Restore, the Asylum Seekers charity, I’ve been doing some research including the news on migrants here in the UK. While I was browsing the web, this headline just completely shocked me, “Home Office criticised for holding child asylum seekers in ‘stuffy and overcrowded’ conditions at Heathrow.” I couldn’t believe this headline, it totally just made me stop, so I decided to read more into the story. Apparently, Asylum Seekers including young children are being kept in the Heathrow Airport facility for long periods of time, in cramped rooms with no natural light where they are forced to stay for sometimes nights on end in uncomfortable and testing settings. To add to this, because they would have come into the country so recently, they are being dragged around from pillar to post, centre to centre, reducing their hours of sleep by a massive amount.

However, The Home Office said it always aimed to ensure children spent the minimum time possible in Heathrow’s holding rooms. A spokeswoman said: “Improvements to the holding rooms have now been agreed with the airport operator, including plans for a new larger holding room for Terminal Four. Work is underway and scheduled to be completed by April 2015.”

Hopefully, these plans will come into place coming into next year, but for now, that means things will still be uncomfortable for Asylum seekers and refugees coming into the country. You may think they have it easy when they come here, but the really don’t. There are more stories like these, if your interested, take a look and do some research. Please pray for people coming in the country, that they won’t go down the wrong path and that God will guide them through settling in and the process of applying to stay.


Thanks Guys, keep an eye out for the next post and be sure to follow the blog. I will be heading back to Restore next week, so I will definitely update you guys on what happens next! Until the next post, bye for now guys.




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